Curriculum Vitae

CTO, DevOps, SysOps, Architecture, Infrastructure

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Andrew Hardie is a very experienced Senior Professional with a thirty year record of managing, designing and implementing innovative and successful ICT and Web solutions for high-profile public, private and NGO organisations.

Permanent and contract roles have included CTO, Program Manager, Systems Architect, Head of IT, Strategic Consultant, Change Manager & Lead Developer, working for seven parliaments, eight UK Government departments, two Local Authorities, Tony Blair's office, the Royal Household & the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Extensive technical, management and consulting experience and able to operate at all levels from the hands-on coding coalface to the Boardroom and beyond. Competent in a wide range of leading edge Web, CMS, BigData, HA, Cloud, Virtual and Container technologies and techniques.

Recent contract roles include work on new Drupal-based, AWS hosted website for Lebara, an AWS estate with Oracle applications for a major German auto service company and DevOps/CI work on the Home Office Immigration Platform Technologies program.

Core technical skills & experience

  • General: Linux/Unix, Perl, PHP, FPM, CGI, Apache, Nginx, Gluster, DRBD, Heartbeat, Pacemaker, Shell, Redis, Memcache(d), Tomcat, SOLR, APC, MariaDB/Galera, Plack, Starman, Dancer, Munin.
  • CMS systems: 8+ years Drupal experience, plus some Joomla, Wordpress and Moodle.
  • DevOps technologies: Docker, Packer, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, Laravel, Jenkins, Ansible, AWS, EC2, S3, EIP, ELB, Vagrant, VirtualBox.

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