Governance back in fashion?


Quotes from my Information Governance paper appeared in an article entitled "Governance back in fashion as financial crisis deepens", published in Information World Review in November 2008.

But not all information professionals agree that more regulation and complexity are required. International government consultant Andrew Hardie, who will address EURIM’s information governance group this month, said: “Complexity and people are the main causes of the problems, and seeking to manage information securely by creating a climate of personal liability and punishment without clear and simple solutions is unlikely to succeed."

“Recruitment advertisements for information governance officers have already started appearing. Right now, that job feels like chief blame officer.”


But Hardie warned against knee-jerk reactions to the financial crisis. He said: “We have all the required ingredients: a big financial scandal affecting lots of people, and politicians wanting to be seen to be doing something.”


Hardie said that lessons had to be learned. “The history of complex compliance legislation and the bureaucracy it causes, whether in the financial markets, food standards or other areas, indicates that while the big players can absorb the cost, smaller organisations ­ often the most innovative ­ are much harder hit.”

The article was written by Tracey Caldwell.